Few words on a possible addiction to chocolate and what it r

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Few words on a possible addiction to chocolate and what it r

Postby Margheritta » Fri Jan 15, 2021 9:29 am

Much has been said about chocolate addiction. Some sociologists give examples of committing murder to satisfy this hunger. In 1991, the French nutritionist Michel Montignac in his book "Dine out and lose weight" gives the advice: "Try to control yourself, because chocolate is like a drug. Drink a large glass of water to control your "chocolateholism"". On the other hand, Linda Henley, a contemporary American writer, argues that people prone to addiction should consume chocolate as much as possible because it is legal, does not stupefy, and does not prevent driving.

One of the reasons we like chocolate so much is the unparalleled pleasure we get not only from eating it, but also from looking at the wrapping, the filling, or smelling its aroma. Elaine Sherman, a twentieth-century American writer, presents the benefits of chocolate as follows: "chocolate is heavenly, ripe, sensual, deep, dark, delicious, inviting, powerful, dense, creamy, tempting, ambiguous, full, immoderate, silky, smooth, delightful. Chocolate is disaster, happiness, delight, love, ecstasy, fantasy...chocolate makes us wicked, guilty, sinful, healthy, chic, happy."

Doctors on the other hand are of the opinion that possible addiction may be caused by caffeine or theobromine present in chocolate. However, the addiction is probably caused by phenethylamine which belongs to the group of endorphins. Phenylethylamine has similar effects to amphetamine, to which it is related. Endorphins entering the bloodstream cause an increase in satisfaction, improving mood from mild happiness to euphoria. Phenethylamine is found naturally in the human body, and its levels increase in people who are in love, for example. This may explain the state, almost that of ecstasy when eating good chocolate.
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