Are you in recovery from Cocaine Addiction? How are you coping? Your thoughts, feelings, regrets etc


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[[I just want to preface this by apologising for posting this same message in several places, I want to be sure I spread the net wide]]

Hi everyone. I'm Stephen, I'm a student at the London Film School. In my third term - September-December 2014 - we make documentaries, and I'm pitching on Monday to make a film about living after addiction. What interests me, partly from my own experience with addiction, is how it's caused, why somebody gets addicted, and then why and how they gave up and how they live after addiction. Subject-dependent, it could involve the input of their family and friends, sponsors, so on.
It's less about the chemical factors of addiction and seeks to be more of a psychological, or I might even say existential, look at addiction. A central question I want to ask is whether an addiction is merely suppressed in recovery or if one is able to really overcome the impulse to partake in addictive behaviours, and how one does this. (This is of course an especially complex question considering that addiction can be so dependent on chemical factors, meaning the mind is in conflict with the body).

Because the film is about the nature of addiction in a broad way I'm interested in speaking to anyone, whether they identify as a recovered alcoholic, drug addict, sex or love addict, gambling addict and so on. The film would most likely be in an observational and interview format, meaning the crew would follow the subject in day-to-day life, just watching, while at points I would ask questions more formally.

If you'd be interested in participating and are in London, or even if you'd like to talk with me and give me some insight please get in touch. All being well (that is, if my pitch is selected for production) I'll be researching and would like to spend time with whoever the subject(s) turn out to be over the Summer and into September and October, before we shoot for 6 days in October/November.

Much obliged,
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