My boyfriend is a gambling and cocaine addict help!!!

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My boyfriend is a gambling and cocaine addict help!!!

Postby Db2391 » Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:08 pm

Hi i really dont know how to start this is so hard for me to write and even by typing i feel sick in my stomach i will start from the beginning ive met my boyfriend about 2 years ago and everything was amazing he said his previous relaionship was not good and that he was glad he met me we had really good times sometimes we would argue and 2 he turned into drugs and alcohol leaving the flat with his mates but then we would make up,about 7 months later i fell pregnant and everything seemed going so well he was made up!! When i was about 4 months pregnant it all started to come out slowly he got paid that day and blew his wages he cried and admited he gambled all the money! I went mad but after all i said its ok and we managed to lend money to cover the house bills. Then it happened again and this time i same again i went mad but after a while we were ok then things seemed to be okay just sometimes he would be short of money but he would say he been charged by bank because he went overdrawn. it all seemed ok we were getting prepared for arrival of our baby and cudnt be happier, when the day came he was so supportive i had to have emergency c section so i had to stay in hospital for 3 days he kept on visiting everyday however when i got back home woth the baby (baby was few days old) he kept on leaving me on my own disappearing saying he is helping his mates out and getting paid for it at that point i thought he was a bit strange and i did suspect drug use as he would have runny nose and be nervous when talking to me but when i confronted him he said its all in my head! It was all lies and one day he disappeared when thw baby was month old his phone was off he said to me he is going to see his dad n will be back as we were gojng to visit my parents i waited for long time then rang his dad to find out he never been there! All day no1 heard from him but then his dad remebered he left his bank card with him so he told me about how mt botfriend has had a gambling and drug addiction past 10 years!!!! I nearly fainted hearing that his dad rang bank to find out that loads pf money been taken out so we knew he was out gambling! After this it took few weeks for us to make up and i decided ill give him a chance then he did it again in mean time i was always suspecting him using cocaine past 2 months its been hell out baby is nearly 6 months old and he has gone so bad he is sniffing like everyday he hasnt been home past 2 night i kicked him out and he has been staying out sniffing and i suspect he is also cheating on me.

He is so horrible trying to blame me make me feel bad because i cudnt have sex after c section had complications when he is high he calls me all bad names tells me how shit i am and stuff always paranoid that i text other lads thats y i suspect he has been up to no good? Correct me if im wrong to think that!?

He is not the person i met he calls me control freak and that i am boring because i look after our son 24/7 while he disappears on benders i left him for 3 weeks n found out he did nothing but take drugs and even te night i meant to be back home he was off his head i gave him chance after a chance tried support him he always regrets it next day and tells me he needs help but yet he went only few gamblingg meeetings but now doesnt even go anymore he has only admited how bad drug problem is recently and he expects me to be with him coz how dare i leave him homeless!? His family dont want to know him my family hates him and im stuck im so hurt lost all mu friends all my confidence and feel like crying all the time i dont want to bother talking to my family because they hate him so much if it wasnt for my son i would go crazy!!

But how can i leave him why cant he change he says he loves me but then tells me how shit i am when he is high and he hates me and treats me like his worst enemy even though i was the only one who was always been there please help me understand advise what to do i dont know how to live anymore :( even risk of loosing his son doesnt bother him i am devastated that im in love with this person but cnt help it:(((
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