People's Opinions of Addiction Services

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People's Opinions of Addiction Services

Postby Ciaran1 » Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:14 pm

Hi everyone

I'm hoping to get people's views on addictions services in general and also mental health services if anyone has used those. Basically I'm contributing to a report as part of a clinical psychology course at Canterbury Christchurch University on the government's drug and alcohol strategy ( ... 5/3945.pdf)

So I suppose we're writing about this in quite an abstract way but it would be really nice to get opinions from people who might now or in the past be using services. I have the following questions if anyone might have some time to answer them? If people do decide to respond just to say the comments might be included in a report that would just be seen within Canterbury Christchurch Uni, and I would only use peoples names if they wanted me too!

Any help at all is very much appreciated! Thanks, -Ciaran

What does recovery mean to you (in the context of substance use)?

What are your experiences of addiction services?

What are your experiences (either yourself or people you know) of having a dual diagnosis (substance use and mental health difficulties) and trying to access services?

What are your thoughts on substitute prescribing (e.g. prescribing methadone as a substitute for heroin)?

If you could say anything to those in charge of running addiction services, what would you say?
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