I suffer from bibliomania

This section is for people who have a shopping addiction.

I suffer from bibliomania

Postby DeeDee » Tue Jan 12, 2021 12:48 pm

Hi all.

I suffer from bibliomania and wanted to share this with you.

Bibliomania is an obsessive disorder, often combined with addiction. It means collecting books, compulsive buying, often going beyond common sense: collecting many editions of one title or many copies of a given edition, collecting books disrupting social and family life, often turning into syllogomania (the popular term is "hoarding"). Sometimes it doesn't take on such spectacular proportions: it's simply the inability not to buy or sell a book. Since it's hard to live with, I decided to lend a helping hand and give you some helpful tips. It's not easy to implement, but if you're willing, you can. I know for myself:

- buy only one book at a time
- make a list of books you want to read, but buy only one at a time - the next one only after you finish the previous one
- do not reach for books that are not on the list
- do not subscribe to newsletters of bookstores and stores where you will find books
- listen to your family and friends - they will tell you when you overdo it and when they are worried
- don't carry large amounts of money around with you every day (and don't carry a card either)
- seek professional help if things get out of hand

My New Year's Resolution is to actually oblige to the above rules.
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