Sex addiction now threatening my life

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Sex addiction now threatening my life

Postby Missmaddi » Sun Apr 19, 2020 12:41 am

Okay, so I’m pregnant and have a high risk pregnancy. I’ve been told not to have sex or orgasms for the rest of my pregnancy (20 weeks to go now) as i have a haemorrhage and it could bleed out causing me and baby to die. Unfortunately I have a very high sex drive (always have) and it’s even worse now I have even more hormones pumping through my body. Without getting into the nitty gritty I know I have an addiction to sex. My husband cannot satisfy me fully so I do use porn a lot to get off. The problem is now, even though we aren’t having sex I feel completely out of control and I keep just risking it with orgasms. I went6 days with nothing (which is the longest I’ve been for probably ten years) but yesterday and today I caved and I’ve orgasmed four times :( can anyone advise me on what I should do? I wish I could stop myself but I just cannot control my compulsive urges and it dominates my every waking thought. I know it’s a huge problem and I could kill my baby and myself!!!!! I’m desperate and need heli, any advice welcome x
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